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          納米二氧化硅拋光液Nano-Silica Slurry

          • 發布時間:2019-10-01
          • 瀏覽:

          納米二氧化硅拋光液Nano-Silica Slurry(圖1)

          納米二氧化硅拋光液廣泛用于納米級亞納米級超光滑表面的加工,可加工半導體材料、寶石材料、磁性材料、光學玻璃、石英晶體、金屬材料、陶瓷材料、硬質合金等;拋光液分散均勻穩定,拋光效率高;結晶少,表面質量好,無殘留,易清洗;環境友好,無毒害,符合RoHS 標準。


          包 裝:桶裝

          規 格:25kg、250kg

          Nano-silica slurry are widely used for surface processing of nanometer and sub-nanometer. It can be used for semiconductor, gems, magnetic materials, optical glass, quartz crystal, metal material, ceramics, carbide and so on. The slurry is uniform and stable at high polishing efficiency. It has less crystals so as to produce excellent polished surface without any residual, which is easy to clean. The slurry is environmental friendly and poison free, and it is complies with the RoHS standard.

          Grit range: 20-120nm     Package: tank     Spec: 25kg , 250kg




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