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          UV 減粘膜UV Tape

          • 發布時間:2020-07-08
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          UV 減粘膜UV Tape(圖1)

          UV 減粘膜是一種特種膠帶,其常態下具有很強的粘性,經UV 光照射后粘性急劇降低,通常用于工件研磨、切割等制程的載帶及保護。

          UV tape is a special tape, which has excellent adhesiveness under normal conditions. But its adhesiveness decreases rapidly after exposure of UV light. UV tape usually used as carrier tape and protective substrate during the dicing and grinding process.



          UV 減粘膜主要由離型膜、UV 膠、基材三部分組成。

          UV tape consists of three parts from release film, acrylic adhesive and base film.


          UV 減粘膜UV Tape(圖2)

          UV 減粘膜主要用于




          Main application areas

          Semiconductor: Dicing of various types of package(BGA/QFN/DFN), wafer sawing and grinding.

          Optoelectronic: Slotting, dicing and pickling of coated glass and ordinary glass.

          Others: Process in which work piece should be covered when machining and uncovered after that without adhesive residue.


          UV 減粘膜優勢

          1. UV 照射前具有較高的粘力,能夠確保加工過程中工件的穩固;

          2. UV 照射后粘力幾乎消失,工件易揭離且無殘膠、無雜質轉移到工件表面;

          3. 具有良好的延展性,便于擴膜取粒;

          4. 具有一定耐溫性,滿足特殊溫度工藝的使用。

          Advantages of UV tape

          Excellent adhesiveness before exposed on UV light to ensure work piece fixed secure during machining process.

          Low adhesiveness after exposed on UV light to make it easier to peel and prevent adhesive residue.

          High expandability and easy pickup.

          High performance to specific process with high temperature.



          UV 減粘膜UV Tape(圖3)




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